It is poetry woven in melody which is written, composed and sung by Anil Kant. This album has a collection of 8 Pop songs. The themes of these poems are reality based and address social issues like corruption, poverty, greed etc. in India. The music is acoustic and contemporary and the poetry is simple yet very hard hitting. The compositions are very melodious and appealing.

The Videos will be shot for three songs

1: Munh Mein Mitti- featuring Anil Kant and Maushmi Udeshi. Is a song on the city of Mumbai and the challenges that it faces today. It talks about the disparity between the rich and poor, which are two extreme ends that exist in our society, the very rich, elite and the poor. This song addresses the two realities, glamour and greed on one side, poverty and helplessness on the other side and how a little love and sharing can make a difference.

2: Mummy-This video addresses the influence of violence and terror in today's society that is impacting the tender minds of children.What we teach our children today is of great importance. Sometimes people may have the right motives but resort to wrong methods. Violence and terrorism are not the right way. This song brings a hard hitting message in a soft and melodius way. This video features Nagma, Rishabh and Anil Kant.

Because of the contemporary style of music along with the thought provoking poetry, the target audience would mainly be the youth and the literary audience of the society. It would also reach out to the common man who can easily relate to its simple words.

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